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I know that you can get Groudon in Ultra Sun, but can you get Kyogre without trading? Is there another way?

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You can use third party cheating software.

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Did you beat the game yet because if you didn't this'll be a spoiler.

You can go in the Ultra Worm Hole at the Altar of the Moone and go in the wormhole.You can get Kyogre early in this way.(For proof I got Groudon early this way)You have to go in a very flashy blue wormhole.You might find other legendaries but there's a chance Kyogre will be waiting there.Kyogre is a ULTRA MOON only legendary.

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Did you even read the question? It asked about Ultra Sun.
Yeah, I'm really wishing to see how HeroKiller will get KYOGRE from ALTER OF THE MOONE in ULTRA SUN. Can trade it to me? I will give you my Kyogre from events. I heard this Kyogre is so rare, and valuable. Really want it.
No Transferring or Trading I promise.
Well if he's playing Ultra Sun, and Kyogre is an Ultra Moon only legendary, then he can't get Kyogre by doing this.
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No, sorry.
In August, you will be able get a kyogre in Ultra Sun from the legendary year event.