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I’m playing Pokemon Ultra Sun. Electrode has one HIdden Ability which is Aftermath. Also, it has two Normal Abilities which are Static And Soundproof. I’ve caught the three Electrodes in Team Rocket’s Castle many times each but they always have Soundproof. NEVER Static which is what I want.

Why is this happening if Static isn’t a Hidden Ability? Thank you in advance.

Geez. Alright, thanks for the answers!
I came back on the website to ask a different question and stumbled upon this one again. In hindsight, a 50% chance of getting either ability when I caught each Electrode 8-10 times each IS unlucky.

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You unfortunately have bad luck :( . You can get Static Electrode, I've gotten one from Team Rainbow Rocket's Castle. Also, if you saved, then you have even worse luck :((((( .
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can only encounter 3 Electrode in total. Don't worry, you can breed for a Static Voltorb though.
Sources: Bulbapedia, Experience

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Wait, if I saved? Are the Electrodes’ abilities set the second I enter the castle?
No, I meant if you saved after you caught all three Electrodes and was expecting a fourth, there is not a fourth.
Oh, I see.
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According to bulbapedia, it's three regular electrodes. Probably, it's just luck. Eventually you'll get one that has static.


Good Luck, hope you'll eventually get one that has static :)

Oof, answered within seconds, huh.
it's alright lol.