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once I have defeated lysandre in the team rocket and then I pressed the button the portal door opened but when I enter the portal nothing happens . it is solid gray, and when I go on YouTube thethey are Green . pls need help asap have tried soft reset to need additional help I rlly don't want to reset game progress also

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I understand this is a repost -- I'll let it fly now and just take down the original, but for future reference, please don't repost the same thing if you don't get the answer you wanted. Communicate with the person who answered your question first.

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You have to beat Lysandre and Cyrus. If you didn't defeat Cyrus, then that's the problem.

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if he beat Cyrus, he needs to soft reset and try again. I've heard people reporting this problem before.
That's because they need to beat Cyrus and Lysandre.