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Since the disbandment of triple battles in gen 7, is the move itself useless?


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It's technically not absolutely 100% useless in all situations, since it can be used in double battles to play mind games with your opponent, and you can grab +2 speed off of Z-Ally Switch, but it really doesn't justify itself because you essentially turn the game into a 2v1 against yourself for that turn. Unless you're really planning to make that speed boost count, it's not worth the moveslot.

Heck, I'd even say a lot of this still applies for triples; you're just turning it into a 2v3 rather than a 1v2.

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If you outspeed the opponent, then you can use it sort of like switching.
Edit: It's a plus priority move, so speed doesn't matter.
Yeah, that's what I meant by playing mind games with your opponent. But it still turns the battle into a 2v1 (or 2v3) for that turn, when you could be setting up or attacking. It's not completely useless, but when you look at the myriad of other better options, it really doesn't justify taking up one of your moveslots.
If it really doesn't justify taking up one of your moveslots, then why is it so popular on Cresselia?
Mind games are more important than you think.
Huh, that is a little interesting. At a glance, I'd guess that it's probably because Cresselia can use Wish, then Ally Switch so that its partner gets the Wish healing. That way, the damage from taking a resisted hit is negated, plus you get to mess with your opponent.

Except that Wish isn't even listed as one of Cresselia's top moves?? I guess Cress is just tanky enough to make it work. The reason I'm saying that Ally Switch isn't justified is because I'd imagine if your opponent gets even one prediction and outplays you, they can take out or at least severely damage both of your Pokémon, while a good play from Ally Switch will rarely allow you to sweep the field (although Cress being immune to EQ remedies that and is probably a factor for its high usage; on other Pokémon, this would be a big problem). It just seems like a big risk for only an okay reward.