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Sorry guys(lame question), but when I went to celestial tower to EV train, I saw Alder at the top of the tower, he said he was ringing the bell for his first Pokemon. Who might have some good guesses on what his first Pokemon might be?

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I think this was already asked...
Really? Well it didn't say.
thats cus you worded the question name like that i asked this like 3 months ago.

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There has never been any indication towards what his fisrt Pokemon may be. It could possibly be Volcarona, of which his current Volcarona could be the child of, seeing as Alder's name is connected with moths.

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Yea but when does he say this story , if he does??
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Ah maybe his first pokemon is Volcarona pre-evolution form, a Larvesta, since Alder's hair and Larvesta's red thingy almost....similar

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