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This is the first Pokemon card ever made. It was first released in October 20, 1996.
Source: This and this
You can see the first Pokemon TGC card pack on this link.
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Just because it's one of the rarest cards doesn't mean that it's the first. I'd just assume that all of the Pokemon cards made in the 1st edition TCG pack could be considered the first Pokemon cards.
I'm really into the competitive side of the card game, but don't know any history of it. However, as far as I can tell, there is no way to tell that the Charizard card was the first card printed ever, so if, you'd like to clarify, i'm listening. It might be impossible to tell the oldest one, because they only put the print year on the cards.
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I know that I am pretty late to this but the previous answer to this question is actually incorrect. The first Pokemon cards are the cards in the 1995 japanese Topsun set. This website shows the whole set. http://raresetvery.com/en/pokemon-card-topsun-150-150-complete-set-mewtwo-pikachu-holo-foil-very-rare.php
Nobody knows exactly which card was printed first but I assume that the first copy of each card in this set were printed within less than an hour of each other.