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Is Farfetch'd useless? I hear people said it's useless but I got one in the first parties...

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What do you want to do with this Farfetch'd?
How Farfetch'd is hopeless? Wit are u meaning?

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Yes. Farfetch’d has a pitiful base stat total of 377, a mediocre movepool, and is one of the weakest fully evolved Pokémon. Really, the only thing he has going for him is his signature item, the Stick, when combined with a crit boosting item and a high crit ratio move like Night Slash or Leaf Blade (both of which Farfetch’d can learn) always crits. However, his attack is still only 90, which is comparable to Abra’s Special Attack stat, which is extremely sad. Farfetch’d’s typing of Normal/Flying is a decent defensive typing however, with 3 weaknesses, 2 immunities, and 2 resistances. In short, Farfetch’d has some cool concepts but if you want to win you should never bring him, even in PU.

**Cough** In the TCG it is a decent supporting card (early game), and is a good in a lot of different types of decks (even if this isn't about the TCG) **Cough**
It's also an okay HM slave in several games, and in RB it can be traded from an NPC and get boosted experience.
HM slave or not. That doesn’t change the fact that Farfetch’d is weak.
Yes, but this suggests it is useless, which isn't true.
I think the question originally asked if it was "hopeless", and then Fizz edited it to "weak". Maybe "useless" is a better word?
Also, the question was tagged "in-game", so you should probably not bring up competitive battles.
Oh my bad. I went by "weak". Lemme just say this. Farfetch'd is weak, but not useless.
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So I looked on Bulbapedia's article and found that:

  • Farfetch'd learns Fly, Cut, Defog(DPPt), and Secret Power(ORAS), all useful HMs (Secret Power is still a Hidden move like Soft Boiled because you can use it outside of battle; however, it can be forgotten without going to the move deleter).
  • In Red/Blue/Leaf Green/Fire Red, you can trade Spearow for a Farfetch'D, which gains extra exp because it is a traded Pokemon (as sumwun suggested).
  • It can breed egg moves, such as Brave Bird, onto other Pokemon.
  • It also gets the egg move First Impression from Smergle (no joke!), so you can get a decent hit off first turn (still not the best, but it is the only other Pokemon to have it other than Golisopod and Smergle)
  • It gets Simple Beam, False swipe, Swords Dance, and Foresight, making a high level one good for SOS chaining.
  • It can chain breed Trump Card, Flail, Simple Beam, Final Gambit, and Curse.

So, Farfetch'D has many uses, and is pretty decent as an in game HM slave/SOS-chainer, as well as for breeding/Chain Breeding.

Hope I Helped!

Btw, Farfetch'd can't take much hit
It's better than Smergle; leveling faster will allow it to be a viable HM Slave, as per holding its own in battle. :P
As for SOS chained, I'd go with Smeargle andHarvest trevenant
It was particularly good in RB because it was the only Pokemon that could learn swords dance by level up and get okay STAB attacks. Combined with boosted experience, this made Farfetch'd one of the better Pokemon for sweeping the first half of the game. It later degenerates into an HM slave.