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Having played Black for the first time, I'm not sure on this answer: twice I caught Tornadus after it started roaming the region, and both times it had an Impish nature. Is Tornadus's nature set permanently after it starts roaming in the region? Or is this just dumb luck on my end? Please let me know, as Tornadus is planned as my 6th team member.

I think the nature might be set when the Tornadus starts roaming, and you can't change it by encountering it again. You might be able to change it by defeating it in the wild and then defeating the champion.
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No It is random. No ingame Pokemon is nature locked .

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Ash Pikachu event is nature locked to Hardy. No in-game Pokemon is nature locked, but some event ones are :P
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Well, I've been resetting a couple times, and it still has the same orientation; Impish and "Capable of taking hits." I'm fairly certain it is Nature-locked, but I'm not sure.