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I need competitive Pokemon that I can only get once. I didn't understand competitive Pokemon back then so I just caught them. I need: (not begging for these Pokemon) Thundurus, Terrakion, Suicune, Azelf, Zapdos, and Naganadel. I got so many bottle caps and some gold bottle caps. I have pokebank so should I reset?

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Probably, you can totally do it. If you really want to, you can catch all the other legends with correct natures and then transfer. Just remember:

  • You cannot keep items in poke-bank
  • if you want to use items before the reset, do so now.
  • Check if you have any Pokemon in: Battle Teams, Party, Poke Pelago, or daycare; they cannot be transfered whilst in there

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I agree with Stakatacool, I've been resetting to recapture legendaries multiple times to try to complete the national dex, but for competitive then I probably wouldn't do so. It is a pain to collect bottle caps and I've noticed that in the GTS that there is a kind of value system where if you offer a certain pokemon, then you should ask for a different pokemon of same or less value, there is no true proffit in the GTS. (An example would be that suicune would be more valued then Raikou just because it is a trio master). Values can go in order(top most valued by others).
Mascot legendaries:
- trio masters
- non trio masters
Sub legendaries:
- Sub legendary trio masters (Landorus as an ex.)
- Others in sub legend non trio

Also if you have a shiny pokemon than that will almost guarantee you any pokemon in the GTS.
So you can get the legendaries you want by trading in another legendary of or more value.
But if you do have a second game then I would recommend trading the Items there first then resetting.