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I just wanted to make this a reference page for whenever I want to EV train or something like that. This is what I have so far.

Holding up arrow while facing a waterfall (Generation 3)
Holding B while riding an acro bike
Having illuminate while walking or surfing
Having arena trap, swarm, or no guard while walking or surfing (Emerald onward)
Having suction cups or sticky hold while fishing (Emerald onward)
White flute (does not work in Generation 3)
Poke radar chaining
Encounter power up (Generation 5)
Sweet scent (Generation 6)
Encounter power (Generation 6)
SOS chaining
Roto Encounter

Did I miss anything?

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Yes, Roto Encounters from the Roto Loto in USUM. Aside from that though, I think you got them all!
Doesn't that only make them higher-leveled, not more likely to appear?
Yes, sorry!

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In some/all games:
Roto Encounter: "increases the chance of encountering high-level wild Pokemon for a certain period of time."
Arena Trap & Illuminate: Increase the chance of encountering high-level Pokemon to 200%
No Guard: same as above but only to 150%.

Source: Here

Also you might want to try to use Honey. Works with this ability.

It says for Swarm: "Increases the chance of encountering wild Pokemon."
Also, Helix716, Magnet Pull and Static don't increase the chance, but just make electric/steel type Pokemon more common in areas where they are.

Hope I helped!

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I already listed all of these abilities.
I know that, I was also giving numbers.