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It's really good. In my opinion, it's better than Mega Kangaskhan.

https://www.smogon.com/stats/2018-03/gen7ou-1825.txt It got 8% usage last month, the most of any fighting Pokemon. Is that not enough for you?
I'm with sumwun here. I see Mega-Medicham a lot, and I mean A LOT. It's being used, especially since i very rarely battle.

but yeah, he's powerful. I've been swept by that thing more than 20 times.

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Better than MegaKhan? Never ever!
Mega Medicham is banned in many format, like Monotype. Even it's pre-evolved form is banned in LC. It has Pure Power, that doubles it Atk stats. This ability is too overpowered, so Smogon banned Mega-Medicham in some format. But MegaKhan is better than Mega-Medicham.

In January, Its usage rate in OU was 6.299. I found it in a post. I'm not sure.
•Its Speed is relatively slow, most OU Pokemon can outsped it. Although it has Bullet Punch. But it's not enough.
•Despite it's decent attacking stats, it can't defeat bulky psychic types
•It lacks of priority move if you aren't using Bullet Punch. It needs coverage move.
•It dislike being burned, if it is suffering from burn, it is a trash.
•Hates Ghost types. They are immune to Fighting moves. Mimikyu, Mega-Sableye is enough powerful to KO it.
-Faster offensive Pokemon like Tapu Koko, Bullet Punch doesn't matter for Tornadus.
-Flying type can easily defeat it, like Skarmory.

Although it is good, but it isn't better. Other OU Pokemon are better than Mega-Medicham. It's just everyone's choice.Btw, If I'm right, Mega-Medicham's usage rate was 6.299 in January. Idk it's usage rate in April, March or February.

Helpful points, thanks :)