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I was teambuilding for the upcoming tourney, and decided to use Victini. When its typing is shown, psychic is to the left and fire is to the right. This would mean that psychic is Victini's primary typing and fire is its secondary typing, right? Well, I was on Smogon and on Victini's page, the typing was flipped and it said Fire-Psychic instead of Psychic-Fire. So, which is it?

And yes, the sequence of dual types does matter, so I would really appreciate knowing. Thanks.

Smogon doesn't pay attention to the order.

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Victini is officially Psychic/Fire in that order, but the only way order makes a difference is if it's somehow using Revelation Dance.

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Oh thanks! It matters in the upcoming PokemonDB tourney, so I had to know.
If you want, you could do a custom battle against yourself (or ask someone else to help you). Custom battles allow illegal movesets, so you could just have a Victini with Revelation dance against something with Color Change.
Thx for the advice! I'll do so for future reference.