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I am hunting Salindit with a Male Sylveon with Cute Charm. I started by sending out Sylveon. I switched out to give the Salandit Harvest then brought it down to 1HP. After that, I gave the called in Salandit, Harvest. And finally, Iswitched back into Sylveon and used Skill Swap to give the ally Salandit my Cute Charm and I got harvest.

My question is that one I killed the ally Salandit that had Cute Charm, is Cute Charm still in effect?

I’m so confused. What?
I think they're saying that they sent in a Pokemon with Harvest to use Skill Swap on one of the Salandit (for some reason) and then had Sylveon use Skill Swap as well and ended up with Harvest when they wanted to give it Cute Charm (for some reason). They should word their question better.

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No, you need to use the cute charm Pokemon in battle, your sylveon. And it must have cute charm. Cute charm will only work if the first Pokemon of you party is cute charm sylveon. But abilities like cute charm, sychronoise work differently in SOS battle. You need to use the cute charmer in first party spot.

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