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I am making a Fakemon, and I wanna take the inspiration of what Lugia is based off of. But the question is: What is Lugia based off of?
If Lugia is based off of multiple things then tell me please.

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Lugia's aquatic tendencies could relate it to plesiosaurs. It is also possible that Lugia may be based on Ryūjin, a dragon who lived on the ocean floor and was the Shinto god of the sea. The two have similarities in mythology, and Lugia's Shiny colors (red and white) are the same colors as the coral Ryujin's palace was made of. In addition, it is worth noting that dragon (yang, male, water) and phoenix (yin, female, fire) duality is prevalent in Eastern mythology, and Ho-Oh clearly resembles a phoenix. Lugia may also be an embodiment of storms. Lugia's avian body, coloration and face-markings suggests that it may be somewhat based on the grey heron. The beluga whale, a white whale with a similar body shape and coloration to Lugia, may also be a basis for Lugia's design and name. Lugia's back fins and tail spikes are reminiscent of the Stegosaurus.


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