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Universe 2 is the universe were mega evolution exist.

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I think it is set in Universe 2.

  • Mega Evolution started existing in Generation 6, and you can also mega evolve in Generation 7.
    Mega Pokemon didn't appeared in the movie, but Poppilo, Rowlet, Litten, Incineroar (Red, not white), Tapu Koko, Marshadow, Xearnes and many Generation 6+7 Pokemon appeared in the movie. So I think the movie is set in Universe 2.
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i dont think alola was created because AZ's bomb blew up
lol what?
The ultimate weapon was fired on kalos, not alola.
But Alola is in the same dimension as Kalos because there are Mega Stones.
But Alola could also exist in Universe 1. Just without megastones. The worlds are the same in Universe 1 and 2 for the most part, with only details being different. I think an ENTIRE COUNTRY missing is a pretty significant detail, don't you think?

Alola can exist in both Universes, one with mega stones and one without.