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So I read in a comment in a YouTube video that that happens. Though I still question it but maybe it is actually real? If so that's awesome.

That's all.

Which movie and Pokemon?
Pretty sure every movie but it was commented on a Detective Pikachu video.
If it's not real, is there any way to prove it's not real?
Lmfao. My first time hearing this. I doubt it tho. It’ll be too hard to make.
Burden on proof is on whoever's trying to prove the 'point', in other words you don't need to prove its not real, just prove that it is and if you can't then assume its not.

If you do research into this question and detail what you find (or lack thereof) that'd be enough to justify the answer.
Depends on the creators of the movie,it might have an shiny pokemon soon i think.
If you read it in a Youtube comment its likely a joke/what if scenario.
yeah youtube comments are hardly reliable

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Nope. There is absolutely no proof whatsoever.

One thing I know about the Pokemon Fandom (And Nerd Culture in general) is that we have a lot of collectors and perfectionists and we like to milk and everything out of what we find. The collectors and perfectionists, even if it isn't worth the money, would be all over the place looking for these DVDs and we see news or Youtube videos of these people trying. Poketubers would have this fact in most of their fun facts and other sorts of videos, and people all over the world will be bragging about having it on the internet. Googling this hasn't brought up any relevant results, and if it were true there would be at least one person who would notice, which would make them viral and it would be know all over the fandom.

Sure, perhaps maybe it is true and no one has still noticed, but the chances of that are extremely low, and if its 1 out of 3,000 then it definitely isn't true since even shiny Pokemon are rarer. Like I said in the comments the Youtube comment was probably a joke or "lol what if".

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It's not a joke, nor a what if. He/she/it just trolled me lol.