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I'm just curious.


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Sun / Moon / Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon: You get it through The Story

X / Y: You get it through the story

ORAS: you get it through the story

B / W / B2 / W2: Get it in Castelia City

D / P / Plt: Talk to Rowan's Assistance In Eterna City

G / S / C / HG / SS: Catch or Beat the lake of rage Shiny Gyarados and Get the red scale. Then go to Route 30 And speak with the Mr. Pokemon.

Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald: Get it from Mr. Stone after you deliver the letter to steven in Rustburo City

Red / Blue / Green / Yellow / Fire red / Leaf Green: Get 50 Pokemons in the pokedex and speak to Oak in the Watch Tower in Fushia City.

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