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I would love to have for coverage against ground types. =)

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He learns it by breeding, but it looks like no compatible Pokemon learn Ice Punch in gen 5. So you will need to teach it to an Electivire in Platinum/HG/SS from a move tutor.

Or, teach it to one of these Pokemon and breed:
- Abra
- Machop
- Drowzee
- Hitmonchan
- Mr. Mime
- Makuhita
- Sableye
- Meditite
- Volbeat
- Spinda
- Lopunny
- Lucario
- Croagunk

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You can't, just like Sucker Punch on Hitmonlee. You need to get BP Points in HG/SS to teach It to Electivire. But you can breed with a Pokemon in the Human-Like egg group and The Elekid can use Ice Punch. Hope this helps..

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