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I was watching a Youtube video the other day and inside the video it said, after pikachu evolved into Raichu, Raichu was supposed to evolve into something else. They said they decided not to make raichu evolve into another Pokemon, because otherwise this Pokemon would be way too powerful. I this true, and if so are there any other Pokemon who were supposed to have an evolution, but the Pokemon company decided not to?

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Its name would've been "Gorochu" coming from the Japanese translation of "Thunder".
Tokyosuarus has a video all about Goruchu! Its on YouTube! Just search "Pikachu's 2nd Evolution Goruchu explained"!

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Some of this is correct, Pikachu was supposed to have another option of evolution. Not Raichu GETTING one. And second not to my knowledge were there any other cases of this. Though I'm sure there are. But there were beta Pokemon for G/S that were discovered and some of these are completely different than what they are now. I think protomario did a video on them all.

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