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(Sigh) flag if you want, but this one had me in a couple hours, on the Pokemon sun and moon, episode 73, is Acerola's Mimikyu the only Mimikyu that can float?
Just curious.

Any Mimikyu can float if it's holding an air balloon.
I get that, but I mean from the anime.

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This shiny Mimikyu, known as "Mimi-Tan, is Acerola's only known Pokemon. Being the ghost of a deceased Mimikyu, It is able to float and pass through walls. - Bulbapeadia

From this, we know that Mimi-Tan can float and pass through walls because it is dead. We haven't met another dead Mimikyu is that anime, and I kind of doubt we will. So to answer you question, Yes (as far as we know), Mimi-Tan is the only Mimikyu that can float as of now.

Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Acerola

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(Facepalm) I honestly forgot that most ghost can float...but I  can't argue the results, thank you.
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