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Im thinkng about using against the ELite Four.Is this a good idea? Its nature is Mild and it has the ability keen eye.


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No you will want one with adamant and with the ability sheer force so that if you use it in the battle subway you can give it the life orb and not take the damage*.

*if you have the ability sheer force and hold a life orb you get both power bonuses to your moves but don't take any damage from the life orb

ability:sheer force
item:life orb

moveset: crush claw

Hydreigon I want to use on elite four not battle subway.This is ingame
A pokemon with sheer force wont take damage from life orb?!?
Yes it won't
Ooooooooh! That would give my lvl 100 adamant 416 attack conkeldurr a new goal in life!
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You probably should. Just catch a new one with sheer force because it is much better than keen eye. Make sure you evolve it =).
Move set would probably be(in-game)
-Brave bird(Stab)
-Whatever you want
-Whatever you want