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it said on the site that rufflet cant learn anything when its hatched out of its egg but mine knew you turn and fly when I hatched it

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No, you see, Fly and U-Turn aren't Egg Moves...

Egg Moves are exclusive moves that an offspring can "unlock" by means of crossbreeding with different Pokemon in its own egg group. A Rufflet knowing U-Turn and Fly is not strange because they are TM moves that were passed down to it from the father.

That being said, it's safe to assume that Braviary is the mother of this Rufflet, and the father is a Flying-type Pokemon who knew Fly and U-Turn.

i really breed a ditto and bravairy
Same idea.
Braviary can´t be the mother! Braviary can only be male!
good point
you should say braviary was the mother and father but ditto was a second father
yes but the farther can be a flying type male