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Well, yesterday many questions about FEAR pokemons were asked and in 1 question there were a video with an aron who had endeavor, shell bell, sturdy and previously a sandstorm was summoned. It looked quite difficult to resist this strategy.


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  • Moves that hit several times.

  • Trick room ( Takes strategy . )

  • Cloud nine.

  • Air lock.

  • Rock Ground or Steel type pokemon.

  • Ghost Pokemon

  • Pokemon With the Move Trick

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Or ghosts...
Yes, ghosts work well.
What??? I dont understand
Things you use to counter FEAR Aron.
But none of those are moves.They are types and abilities
Yes, they are types and abilities that counter him.
He Asked how to defend from one, not what moves to use on one
Also Magic Guard Alakazam. Magic Guard blocks out hail and sandstorm so there goes Aron. Or mold breaker. Either way works and I hope this helps!