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They are so annoying! What are some good Pokemon that can counter FEAR sets?

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Dont fear aron, fear nosepass http://youtu.be/ABDHjb1JGFw
stealth rock

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A lot of things can counter FEAR.

Abomasnow or Tyranitar or Hippowdon
Ability: Snow Warning/Sand Stream
The rest doesn't even matter, the point is that the Hail/Sandstorm will break their Sturdy/Focus Sash and so render the strategy useless. Abomasnow is probably better because one of the FEAR users (I think, from memory) is Aron, which is immune to Sandstorm damage.

Anything with Toxic or Will-o-Wisp works for the same reason - it breaks the Focus Sash. These are extremely common moves competitively, so even most teams that aren't specifically preparing themselves to deal with FEAR will still have them.

Ghost types are immune to Quick Attack, and so can also stop most of the FEAR Pokemon (e.g. Rattata).

Skill Link allows Pokemon like Mega Heracross, Cloyster, and Cinccino to ignore Focus Sashes and Sturdy by having moves like Pin Missile and Rock Blast hitting 5 times.

Priority will also stop this strategy (unless the FEAR user has Extreme Speed).

There are a lot of options to deal with FEAR, and most of them are very common competitively, which is why FEAR is not the best strategy to use.

I just thought of a good set for a ghost type. I will post my set,but yours are definitely better.
I think priority fails to stop Aron during a Sandstorm
OK, so Aron is a bit of an exception, but that is why I said Abomasnow was the best weather user above. Priority is more to ensure they don't get a KO, not so much to stop them using endeavour.
I can only think of one extremespeed FEAR set, and that's smeargle. Are there any others?
Togekiss, a rare one used at level 2, has Extremespeed
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Cofagrigus @Leftovers
-Destiny Bond. To take the Pokemon down with it
-Knock Off. To get rid of the Focus Sash
-Will o Wisp. To slowly take away their Hp
-Double Team. So he can't be hit
I chose him because of his immunity of Quick Attack/Extreme Speed and a good movepool for taking down FEAR Pokemon.

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Mega [email protected]
Ability Scrappy ------> Parental Bond
Shock Wave- I saw a double team FEAR cotton. That sucked. Infinite accuracy combined with Bond one shots
Fake Out- gimmicky
Crunch- for those pesky ghost type Pokemon
Substitute- to prevent status moves like Pain Split. (unsure how this works).