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I know:
- FEAR Rattata with endeavor and stuff.
- The Aron in sand with Endeavor and Shell Bell
- The Trick Room-Destiny Bond strategy for ghosts?

Are there any other cool FEARs out there?


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All possible FEAR sets are here.

Since you claim the page is blank, here are all of them. I'll list the Pokemon, their priority move and the lowest level they can be. (They all know Endeavor)

  • Rattata: Quick Attack, Sucker Punch, Level 1
  • Pikachu: Quick Attack, Feint, Level 31
  • Mankey, Vacuum Wave, Level 1
  • Poliwrath: Vacuum Wave, Level 25
  • Doduo: Quick Attack, Level 1
  • Kanghaskan: Sucker Punch, Level 1
  • Mew: Vacuum Wave, Sucker Punch, Level 5
  • Swinub: Ice Shard, Level 1
  • Corsola: Sucker Punch, Level 1
  • Phanpy: Ice Shard, Level 1
  • Donphan: Ice Shard, Level 25
  • Smeargle: ExtremeSpeed, Feint, Aqua Jet, Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, Quick Attack, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Vacuum Wave, Level 1
  • Hitmontop: Feint, Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, Quick Attack, Sucker Punch, Vacuum Wave, Level 20
  • Treecko: Quick Attack, Level 1
  • Taillow: Quick Attack, Level 1
  • Aron: Sandstorm damage, Level 1
  • Zangoose: Quick Attack, Feint, Level 1
  • Chimchar: Vacuum Wave, Level 1
  • Starly: Quick Attack, Level 1
  • Wormadam-P: Sucker Punch, Level 20
  • Wormadam-S: Sucker Punch, Level 20
  • Wormadam-T: Sucker Punch, Level 20
  • Buneary: Quick Attack, Level 1
  • Togekiss: ExtremeSpeed, Level 2
  • Shaymin: Quick Attack, Level 30
  • Shaymin-S: Quick Attack, Level 30
  • Basculin: Aqua Jet, Level 1
  • Maractus: Sucker Punch, Level 1
  • Archen: Quick Attack, Level 1
  • Keldeo: Quick Attack, Level 15
  • Keldeo-R: Quick Attack, Level 15

Speed also mentioned Cottonee.
Creds to him.

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Another cool FEAR set is Cottonee: Endeavor+Toxic with Prankster.
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[email protected] gem
ability- sturdy
Skill swap- to swap the sturdy
Explosion- to do some fun stuff
Stealth rocks- to add up some damage

Any Toxic spikes set up

[email protected] Bell
ability- trace
magic bounce
pain split
quick attack

It's a lot like the Aron set, but with some more gimmicky moves

How exactly do you get a Ralts with endeavor or quick attack? And how do you get Carbink to use skill swap before the opponents double-target and defeat Ralts?
1: dang, you're right. I was looking at the wrong page.  Ralts does get Shadow sneak, though, so same effect, but I just saw Pimpnite do something like this. 2: this is a single battle. Ralts traces the sturdy that Carbink gave to the enemy. FEAR Pokemon don't do well in double battles.