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while I had po many people used fear sets of some sought
what are some of the best counters
ive read bulbapedia and the strats listed on this page but some are very useless and i can think of a few that havent been listed
heres a few - use leftovers the low lv pokemon has to do damage - doesnt work with arron due to sandstorm
spikes - there focus sash or sturdy is negated
another priority move - extreme speed works well with +2 priority
multi hit moves - works well with cloyster

arron is OU because of if holding shell bell is deadly (in sandstorm with sturdy it uses endeavor then recovers all hp with shell bell then foe dies to sandstorm then you can use again and again)
it is the most common fear pokemon watch this

so best counters please


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Ghost Types: Ghost Types are immune to Endeavor thus nullifying the strategy.
Entry Hazards: They render Sturdy and Focus-sash useless and thus making them capable of being OHKOed
Status conditions: Particularly poison, and burn they make them take damage without lowering them down to 1.
Mold-breaker: Nullifies Sturdy so you can OHKO
Multi-hit moves: They hit multiple times so Sturdy and Focus-sash make no difference
Magic-room: Because items do not take effect Shell bell and Focus-sash can not activate so you can OHKO the ones with Focus-sash and 2KO the ones with Sturdy.
Flinch-moves: They can't use endeavor if they flinch, though this tactic is more risky
Damaging weather: Hail would be best because Aron and Donphan are immune to sand
Fake-out: Similar to the flinching thing, this way they take damage but are guaranteed to flinch
Priority: For Quick attack ones priority will work because you are guaranteed to be faster.
Encore: They are stuck using Endeavor so they can not kill you(With Aron and Donphan you can just switch to a Ground/Ghost Pokemon).

From Mew:
Use another FEAR Pokemon.

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Let's just say I won the battle.
Speed, there are 3 exceptions to the Ghosts. Tailow, Swellow, and Kangaskhan have the ability Scrappy, which allows Normal moves to hit Ghosts.
But none of those are immune to Weather.
I have entry hazards has my second one.
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I know this is an old post but I'll answer anyway. Any Pokémon that can learn trick. This is just a simpler way to counter FEAR Pokemon. Or yeah mold breaker cause now a days haxorus is maybe the easiest mold breaker Pokemon to get so far unless you count mega gyarados. Trick gets rid of that stupid sash. Sure you'll still take a butt load of damage but since you still have about 10-12 HP quick attack won't kill you. I found that regular Alakazam with Magic guard is most effective. Magic guard blocks out damage from non-direct attack damage, as in the damage from sandstorm and hail, already blocking out FEAR Aron. It blocks out damage from poison and burn, blocking out FEAR magnemite. It also blocks out the extra damage taken from bind, wrap, and infestation. Yeah sure, sucker punch, but try excessively raising defensive stats and HP and you'll wall it pretty well. And also dat FEAR rattata will fear extreme speed. Well thnx for reading this, and I hope I helped anyone in need of getting rid of those stupid troll FEAR strategies.

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I agree with the Ghost-type choice to counter the Endeavor + Quick Attack strategy. Although, on the other hand, some of the best choices would be Pokemon such as Greninja, Accelgor or Smeargle with the move Water Shuriken. Not only does that move hit the target multiple times, it also has priority, so it can be used before moves with priority such as Quick Attack thanks to the high speed stat Greninja and Accelgor has. Also, when Greninja transforms into Ash-Greninja, Water Shuriken dooms the target to be hit 3 times all the time; and thanks to that not even Berry Juice can handle that kind of damage.