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Moves like toxic really wreck the crape out of you. How do I avoid these moves landing on my FEAR Pokemon?

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If you are scared of toxic then use a steel type FEAR Pokemon like Aron. Aron also has Sturdy so you won't need a Focus Sash. Then you can old a Lum Berry or some sort of Berry to counter other stuff, like Thunder Wave or Will O Wisp.

Hail then ruins some FEAR Pokemon, too. Aron up there is immune to Sand so that' s not a problem. Swinub will be good for or some other Ice type Pokemon, anyway, for you to activate it, you need a Focus Sash, which unfortunately leaves you open for a move like Toxic.

All in all, I would way Aron would be your best bet. Also, if you don't want it to hold Lum Berry, then you can use Shell Bell or something to restore it's HP every turn so you can keep on useing FEAR.

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Solosis, endeavor, focus sash. GG.

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