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I also want to know the best counters for that set

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Aron @ Shell Bell
Ability: Sturdy
Evs: Doesnt matter
Nature: Doesnt matter

You need a sandstorm though. So have some one set that up for this pokemon

Counters:Any Steel,Rock,Ground or Ghost types.

I dont know why you changed it from Aron to Donphan and basically the rest of the question.But heres Donphan.

[email protected] Bell
Ability: Sturdy
Evs: Dont matter
Nature: Dont matter
-Ice Shard
Endeavor to bring to 1 HP then Ice Shard for the Priority Kill.
Counters:Ghost Types.

Entry hazards can be a problem for both of these guys(Thanks LadySerperior)

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i didn't see your answer there sorry i just remembered thatthere was donphan
Its fine
Make sure you have a rapid spinner, too, because entry hazards could be a problem.