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Let's say I have a lead Pokemon with a move-set of Sandstorm and Volt Switch/U-Turn, and an Aron with the move Endeavor, the item Shell Bell, and the ability Sturdy.

Can I commence a FEAR sweep by using the lead Pokemon's Sandstorm first and then following it up with the Volt Switch/U-Turn move to switch into my Aron, who will then use Endeavor to start it all?

Assume that the first Pokemon I will be against will attempt an OHKO.

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You can not have your Aron Switch into the battle as he would most likely take damage and then he would be useless because he can not hurt them. Also Endeavor just makes them have the same amount of HP as him which makes Sand finish them off. Trying to use U-turn or Volt-switch would be a waste of time because it will not effect how much damage the Aron does anyway. Also if this is on Pokemon Online then you could use a Lvl. 1 Donphan, pretty much the same thing but Donphan has Ice-shard so he can sweep through Ground, Rock, and Steel types as well, making only Ghost types immune to him.

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