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I've never had anyone use draining moves on my Tentacruel, so I have some questions:

1: If I use Leech Seed, do Tentacruel and the Leech Seeder both take damage?
2: If the opponent uses Leech Life, Giga Drain, etc, does Tentacruel receive the healing?

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Bulbapedia has the rundown on Liquid Ooze.


  1. Yes, both Pokemon take damage, Tentacruel takes normal Leech Seed damage while the usual recipient of the drained health would take damage equal to what it would usually gain.
  2. Tentacruel receives normal damage and then the HP gain calculation takes place, but it's turned into damage dealt. If a Pokemon uses Giga Drain on Tentacruel and it loses 100 HP, the user would take 50% of that dealt damage instead of gaining, so it would lose 50 HP.