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Pimpnite called out someone for having six Dawn Wings but I was wondering: What if he had 12 Necrozma and 12 Lunala/Solgaleo?

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You can still have a Dusk Mane Necrozma and a Dawn Wings Necrozma at the same time.

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No, you can’t have 6 Dawn Wing or Dusk Mane Necrozma in one game. I tried this out in Ultra Moon because have two Necrozma and two Lunala, and it wouldn’t let me fuse more than one of each. I successfully fused the the first Necrozma and Lunala using the N-Lunarier, but after that it “had no effect” when I tried to use it on the second Necrozma.

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It still might not be impossible. Can you trade fused Necrozmas?
Nope. It’s a “special Pokémon”.
Like the DNA Splicers, when the N-Solarizer/N-Lunarizer are used, they change from items that fuse, to items that separate. Its how they were programmed.