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Sometimes when I get visitors, they ask me to take them to a place they'd like. I've read online that I should take them to a lottery shop, and sometimes they like it, but other times they're like "oh it's not what I expected. maybe I should've told you what I liked but whatever :)"

I've read somewhere that it's based on the gender of the owner of the facility, but how do I know whether or not they'll like it?

My lotteries are Big Dreams (5 Stars) and Treasure Hunt (4 stars). Both are run by males.

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For the "Take me to a place you think I'd like!" request, the right and wrong answers depend on the gender of the person who owns each facility. That is, if two facilities are owned by females, then the current requestor will either like or dislike both, and the opposite will be true for the rest that are owned by males. It is unclear what influences which gender is the correct one for each request.

There's no way to figure out which gender is the correct one for the request.


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