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should be better to teach this move to my ampharos? I have HM04

my team:

Alakazam Lv. 29
Quilava Lv. 31
Noctowl Lv. 28
Ampharos Lv. 32
Fearow Lv. 30

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since you have an empty slot in your party, I'd reccomend getting a Pokemon that can learn the weaker HM moves, like rock smash and cut, and spreading the stronger moves throughout your party. If you have grander plans for this slot, consider replacing either noctowl or fearow. strength is harder though, as it lies somewhere beetween a strong HM and a weak HM. but if your ampharos has a weak or pointless move, such as tackle, or two electric moves, strength could be useful. if your quilava's move pool is a bit lacking, consider teaching that strength, regardless of the inferior stat usage. A good set for your Starter would be Flamethrower (STAB) Thunder-punch (coverage and special) Fire punch/earthquake (TMs with either great coverage and power or secondary STAB) and strength (Decent normal "coverage" without the immense work to raise happiness with return and a usable HM "spread" move)

having done some more research, I would reccomend filling that last slot with a lanturn, a decent special water type that can learn surf and gives decent typing. you can fish for them, as well as chinchou, at olivine city harbour. however, due to lanturn's poor gen 2 move pool, I would reccomend using lanturn as your HM slave, as it can learn flash, surf, waterfall and whirlpool, while also being a decent cover to take care of ground and/or rock types, who could dominate almost all of your current team. Fly, while a two-turn attack, is still relatively effective against clueless NPCs, and has decent power, as well as STAB on fearow, who, at level 30, is unlikely to have a better flying move. the only HM remaining here is cut, a frustrating attack wasted on any Pokemon without technician, which was nonexistant in gen 2. it may be wise to simply scrap noctowl, a type duplicate without decent attacks to suit its special stats, with another Pokemon, preferably one who can learn cut. although this may be painful, one useless move that is vital to the game will not seem too bad, especially considering that in gen 2, most Pokemon aren't missing out on many better moves.\

A steelix or beedrill would both be good for type coverage, although you would have to catch a beedrill in the national park bug catching contest, and you would have to trade with a friend to evolve onix. however, both of these Pokemon can evolve from their lower forms fast, and they both learn cut. but the best coverage available Pokemon that I could find, which also learns cut, is the bug/grass type parascect. this gives your team great diversity. in gen two, you won't have a STAB supereffective attack for only 40 Pokemon, out of 250, and you can build your movesets to boost this. Paras is already available to you (I think) through the bug-catching contest at national park and wild in Ilex forest. sadly, parascect has a poor move pool, and paras is relatively rare, but the coverage and Hm usage should help make up for this. I'd reccomend this moveset: Fury cutter (strongest Bug STAB) Giga Drain (ALL grass moves are Special) Cut (why bother otherwise?) and sludge Bomb (an actually decent physical move).

you may have to overtrain Parascect to compensate, but even a second rate Pokemon with that much additional coverage and an HM Pawn-off is worth keeping for those infuriating dark, ground and rock types. and trees.

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I would say get rid of noctowl because fearow is one of the best flying types in GSC.