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In every cave in every region you can encounter Zubat, why is this Pokémon in every Game?

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Rusturf Tunnel, Mt. Pyre, Magma Hideout, Desert Underpass, and Artisan Cave have no Zubats.
Because mostly if you are in caves there are bats (although, I ever gone to a cave, but there weren't any animals there, but that's probably because many humans come there, and there is a place that you ain't allowed to go for a reason).

And for two: Zubat isn't in the Black and White series. And like sumwun stated, not in these caves too. (I'm just trolling)

Zubat is supposed to be a Pokémon to irritate people while in a cave, to make it feel more like a challenge, with moves like Mean Look. (And probably Confusion, not sure, although, I think so) It's like Tentacool/Magikarp in the sea, Zubat in the cave.
i mean in bw you have to breed golbat or crobat

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This is because there is at least 1 cave in every gen. And as we all know bat is the most common animal to see in the caves. But there is no bat in some caves. The GameFreak also wanted to reflect it. Thats why you can see Zubats in all caves but are absent in some caves. And also Magicarp and Tentacul are also most common in sea for the same reason. And geodude is also common in a cave as rocks are. So in short some Pokemon are in a common place of all genaration because of their commonlyness in the respective place in real world. Hench Zubats are in all genaration.

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i think bats are in all caves, only not in caves where the whole part is populated with people, instead of only a little place.
And Zubat is not in Pokémon Black and White :/
But i it is because they have woobat. And also you can get zubat in later game by breeding
Yeah you are right for the woobat.
Does breeding it really matter?
Not really but you can find golbat in game
@JiHaN you can also breed golbat
Yes, of course you can.