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So I was playing a Random battle on Showdown when the opponent's Lickilicky used Explosion. EXPLOSION. It doesn't make any sense! To me at least. I looked at Lickilicky's page on here and Bulbapedia and they both say it learns Explosion by TM. I'd like to know why, at least a theory cos it's probably just dumb Game Freak logic like Slowbro getting Flamethrower.


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Complete and utter gamefreak logic. Fun fact: LickyLicky is one of three Pokemon that gets a STAB boost from explosion.

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Like how Snorlax also gets self destruct and both explode all that fats everywhere
Honestly my head is starting to fill up with horrible images now...
Gardevoir in isle of armor be like:
Trainer: Gardevoir, use Misty explosion!
Gardevoir: [explodes and releases mist]
Opposing hydreigon: [Gardevoir's heart piece flies and cuts off a head]
It's super effective!