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Are they made by someone (something) or they are automatically ganarated.

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i think arceus but im not sure
I pretty much think it's the same like how mega stones are created. by a special experiment, and got to something else then they thought.
I think Necrozmas(ultra) body parts broke in the process containing the holy light which we call the Z-Crystals.
I think that was what ThunderClaper answered JiHaN.

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Z-Crystals are a gift that Necrozma gave to the people of Alola long ago. I think they are shards from Necrozma.

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Huh. fascinating. (sorry I didn't know, JiHaN)
That's why we are here :)
It was definitely not a nuclear weapon. AZ built a machine to bring his Pokémon back to life, but because he was so angry that his Floette died he used it as a weapon.
Nobody knows where mega stones came from. They appear to have deep connections with Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Mega stones are also only available in the dimensional timeline where Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire takes place, not the original Ruby/Sapphire, there the mega stones are just normal rocks, I heard this somewhere.
Yeah, when AZ used the Ultimate Weapon, he created a new universe in which normal stones turned in to mega stones. That’s why ORAS had mega stones and RSE didn’t - it took place in the alternate dimension AZ created (well, that and because megas didn’t exist until Gen6).