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Specific situation: I'm playing SS, and I breed these 2 Pokemon.

Jynx (f)
- I don't think the moves matter.

Hypno (m)
- hypnosis
- switcheroo
- psychic
- nasty plot

When I get the egg, I trade it to Pt and hatch it there. What moves will the resulting Smoochum know?

It should have Pound and Psychic. I’m not 100% sure though.

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The resulting Smoochum will have Pound and Psychic. This is because:
1) All data about the Lv1 Pokémon are saved in the Egg, not the game. As such, nothing changes about the Egg between the two games (except Shininess, due to how that is determined).
2) Psychic is a move Smoochum learns through TM. Because this is within Generation 4, the male Hypno will pass down Psychic to the Smoochum.
3) Pound is Smoochum's Lv1 move. Since there are not enough moves to override it, it will know Pound.

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Nasty plot isn't an egg move?
HGSS were the first games that had Nasty Plot available as an Egg Move for Smoochum, so yes, it should have Nasty Plot as well.