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I NEED jolly..

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This question will be able to be answered before I get home from school next friday, when the turns begins. Hat means it won’t be pointless then
Also every question has a point
@Octazooka - But the codes only get released a few days after the competition ends. So you won't be getting an answer next Friday :P. And once the codes are released you could just find this out yourself... If you get a code of course.
meant next friday :P
@Octazooka - I made a typo :P. It's fixed now.

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Serebii says it can have any Nature, so no, the Shiny Mimikyu from the Spooky Cup is not Nature locked.

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How do they know this? The Mimikyu comes out in November.
I don't know. I am not a Serebii-member-worker-guy (whatever you call it), ask the people who work on Serebii.

Bulbapedia says it's "Unknown" because they don't like assuming stuff. Who knows if the Mimikyu is nature locked. But nature locked Pokémon usually have competitive natures.