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Remember the shiny zoroark I encountered. The next encounter was a shiny Audino.


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In B2W2 specifically, each one had a 1/8192 chance, making for a chance of (1/8192)^2 or 1/67,108,864

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I think the base odds are 1 on 512 so I think the odds of back to back are 512x512.

This would be true if you started from scratch. However if you already consider the first shiny as caught, the second one would be 1 in 512. That is assuming that number to be correct.

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Isn't Shiny Chance 1 in 4096 (and use to be 8192 before that)? It only gets lower via other methods (Shiny chance is 1 in 512 in Friend Safari, Halved with shiny charm, decreases even more via SOS, decreases while Masuda Breeding, may lower through ultra warp ride, and a few other ways) :P

Of course most of those aren't in B/W/B2/W2, but what lowers shiny odds to 512 here? Or have I misunderstood?