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Bulbapedia says it's every 10 Hall of Fame records, but do they start counting from the beginning of the game, after the Stark Mountain event, or after defeating the rival at the Survival Area?

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But your rival starts getting stronger when he gets his starter (the beginning of the game). Every time you see him his Pokemon have more levels or are evolved (like every rival) :P.
That's not true. You can battle him multiple times at the Survival Area and his Pokemon will stay levels 59-65.
I see... So you're wondering if their levels can skyrocket to 70?
What happened to this question?
You may never know...

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It’s true, every time you beat the Elite Four 10 times, his Pokémons level increase by 10. And yes, it counts as from the first time you battle the League.

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So if I beat the champion 10 times before I battle my rival, his Pokemon are already levels 69-75 when I battle him after?
Could you make your rival have... Level 100 Pokémon?
No. They stop leveling up when his starter is level 85.
Okay. (filler)
This is not accurate. I beat the Elite 4 for the 10th time on Platinum yesterday and have fought Barry twice since then. Both times he was still at his 59-65 level range. I don't know exactly what triggers his level increase, but it's definitely not as simple as "beat E4 10 times"