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So curse drops speed and raises Att/Def
Does the speed drop power-up Gyroball

I'm coming up with a Ferrothorn strategy


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Curse WOULD effect Gyro Ball to power it up. If you used that a few times, Gyro Ball could do a considerable amount of damage. And, that's a very good strategy, since the defense is raised too and that makes Ferrothorn able to hold against attacks while setting up.

Hope this helps =)

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You wouldn't need to use it more than twice. +2 attack is double what it was, plus the move itself will have a higher base power because your speed is lower.
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This is a very good strategy, I am currently using this myself. The stab, and a use of leach seed is very good imporvement for this type of set up.

You can also do the same with other moves, like a golurk can use hammer arm, this will lower his speed, making gyro ball more powerful.

Make sure you have a good non-gyro ball move along with this set up becuase of taunt, and other variables that will ruin your run.

I hope this helps if you are going to use another gyro ball user :)

You should right Same Type Attack bonus as STAB rather than stab to prevent misunderstood.
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Yes, it does.

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Yes if curse was used then gyro ball it would get really strong
gyro ball slow speed curse lowers speed and raises attack that is a killer STAB

hope helps