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I already completed the Looker missions and battled Emma once afterward, but is it possible to continue doing this or interact with the Looker Bureau in any other way?


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After completing the Looker storyline, the player can have a rematch with Emma in her Expansion Suit once per day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, she will not be wearing the Expansion Suit and talk about her duties as the head of the Looker Bureau.


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Is there any way to change the time, or am I stuck with that time every day after the first battle?
You can try fidgeting with your DS's settings when it comes to changing the time, but you can battle her once every Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.
If you're looking for strong post-game battle check out my answer on this question: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/192451/where-can-you-battle-sina-and-dexio-post-game-in-x-and-y?show=192454#a192454
Okay, thanks for the help. I really wish there was more to the Looker sidequest, or more postgame in general. I really enjoyed it.
Be wary that every time you change your 3DS clock settings, time-based events in the game freeze for 24 hours to deter manipulation like what you're describing here. You'll need to wait some time no matter what.