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Im raising a cofagrigus for the regional VGC coming up this saturday in san jose california and I want to kno wat you think which nature is better for cofagrigus calm or bold I have a bold one and a calm now obviously his defense is way better then his sp.def so I was thinking bout going with calm becuz it would be better and since I have wil-o-wisp I don't have to worry bout physical attacks so his defense should be high enough rite?so tell me wat you think is better a calm nature or bold nature


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Calm Nature, seeing as there other Ghost type Pokemon in the OU like Gengar that can sweep Cofagrigus. It's best to raise that SP Defence and Defence as much as you can to be able to wall Pokemon easily. A moveset for it that I would suggest is different from your set but ill tell you what it is:

Power Share
Night Shade

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Calm is totally the way. But bold will put your attack up. but it is ur choice

Bold wont put the attack up. Bold puts the attack down while increasing your defense. Calm puts the attack down while increasing sp.defense