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I'm playing Pokemon Emerald and May's Grovyle is really hard to beat and I don't know if I should catch Torcoal or Skarmory I want to use the smallest team I can
My team is

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skarmory has a better typing, and better stats than torkoal.

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I don't think you need to catch another Pokemon. Just put Kirlia in front of your party (make sure the party doesn't get too crazy or illegal) and repeatedly battle her, and your Kirlia will eventually get overleveled enough to beat her.

If you really want a new Pokemon but are okay with something other than Torkoal or Skarmory, then you should get a Swellow. (you can get the already evolved ones on Route 115) Its STAB return gets pretty strong, and it has better offensive stats than both Torkoal and Skarmory. Swellow also outclasses Linoone, so you can stop using Linoone in battles and keep it as an HM slave.

If you really want either Torkoal or Skarmory, then you should get Skarmory. Torkoal is kind of useless because it's slow and water type opponents are common.

I don't want a six Pokemon team because they would have to catch up with everyone else
Also what about crobat?
Crobat's strongest STAB attack is weaker than Swellow's. It's harder to evolve and has an additional psychic weakness.
I see... any thing else besides swellow?
Tentacruel is pretty strong. You might want to use it if you're willing to use TMs to teach it ice beam or sludge bomb.