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There is no grass or water in white forest and I wanna know how to get it back. I heard you invite ppl from black but how do I do that and do they have to be near me to invite them?


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Go to someones entralink
and find them in black city and invite them to the white forest

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  1. Find someone elses Entralink
  2. Find them in Black City
  3. Invite them to White Forest
  4. Presto, you have grass in White Forest!

It's not the best guide ever, but I haven't done this before. I can just use the PokeTransfer lab, it takes less time and is easier.
Like Pkmn said, look in the booklet. It'll give you a more detailed answer to your question. But two precautions - the other person must have caught Reshiram and completed what Game Freak considers the main game, and they must have Black version. Make sure these two requirements are met and invite everyone you want.

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Basically what drako said. There is also a small guid of the entralink in the booklet that comes with the game you should check hat out