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I got a Genesect from an event in Gen V(don't ask how) and I was wondering if it will obey me or not as it has a different OT.
Note: I just made it to Accumula Town for the first time(Black version)

Genesect wouldn't obey before I had the Trio badge at level 16, can an editor/mod close this question with the note "resolved"?

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I am pretty sure the Gen 5 event Genesect doesn't obey you until you beat the Gym that allows Pokémon up to the Level of the Genesect is beaten. I don't remember any event Pokémon ignoring the "if you and your Pokémon's TIDs don't match, that Pokémon may disobey you without the proper badge" game mechanic. :P

An outsider Pokémon will often not obey the player's commands if its level is too high and the player does not have the appropriate Badge, Stamp, or number of Badges.

A Pokémon is recognized as an outsider if its recorded data about its Original Trainer does not match that of the player for the current game.

The even Genesect should be Level 100, so I don't think it will obey you until you get the Legend Badge. :P

Source: My friend's experience, Bulbapedia 1, 2

Hope I Helped!

The one I have is level 15
You must beat the first Gym in Striation City to have Pokémon up to Level 20 Obey you, so, not until then, and afterwards you'd need to make sure you don't Level Genesect too fast. :P
I won't have to worry too much then, Genesect gained barely any exp from n's purrloin