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Lets say that I have a lvl 38 Infernape and I trade it to a friend.It trains my Infernape to lvl 80.He trades it back to me.Will my Infernape obey me ? I'm asking because i'm it's original trainer.So it will.Won't it ?


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Ok lots of editing but here is the final result.

Credit to DracoArceus: "Only Pokemon with another OT will disobey you. So in this case it would obey you perfectly. Source-Experience"

I checked this out and found another answer on Gamespot that said the same thing.

So your Pokemon will always obey you.

If you trade a Pokemon that only evolves through friendship (For example Golbat > Crobat) and it has not yet evolved then it's friendship is reset to 0. So evolve a Golbat, or others, first before trading.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Friendship

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Oh ok I will edit.
But on the badges it says for example, "Traded pokemon up to lv. 60 will obey you." This is only referring to pokemon that do not have your OT. And as to with the anime, it is very different from the games.
I've noticed it will only say this sometimes. Mostly it says "Pokemon up to lv. 60 will obey you"
since you are the OT.it will obey you since it's your pokemon and no someone else's