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i traded my shiny spiritomb for a shiny sylveon. a pretty average sylveon, with average 2iv stats. it was hatched from a day-care but it says that this poke came from a faraway place, can anyone tell me if this is legit or not? Date it was hatched: 12/3/2014. When I traded, the sylveon was lvl 12

Ability: Cute Charm
Moveset (when I got it): Baby doll eyes, growl, NOT sand attack it was wish, and tackle
nature: modest

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There's not enough information provided to answer this question.  Faraway place can doesn't always refer to an event, it can mean that the Pokemon was traded from a future game to past game in same Gen.  The information of where it's from then becomes lost, so it says "faraway place".  I'm guessing the egg hatch info is kept between games.  Regardless, any cheat if professionally done can mimic a real Pokemon very closely.  Don't be thrown off by the Pokemon being Sylveon, remember that the Pokemon could have been traded from owner to owner as a shiny eevee for a long time before reaching Gen 6.  I would have done it that way, seeing as a shiny eevee is more valuable than a shiny eeveelution.
the date it was hatched was in 12/3/2014, i got it when it was lvl 12, so i think it would be unlikly it was traded from owner to owner, plus it has a nickname (i dunno if this does anything). well also i was looking for a shiny eevee to evolve it to a shiny sylveon cuz i just love that pokemon
please add the ability and moveset
From the provided details, I'm 90% sure that it's legit. And that's why we need more details.
i can add any details if i can, what details should i list?
Actually, I just need one more detail. Does it have that blue pentagon?
whats that? yes it does

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If your Pokemon is hacked, it's most definitely not showing anything out of the ordinary. It's safe to assume that your Sylveon is legit. It was most likely bred in XY with the egg move Wish, and then transferred to ORAS through the bank. Which explains the "Faraway Place" location.

Hope I helped!

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ah thanks :)