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I'm trying to get all the Eevee forms, and I know a super easy way to get an Eevee, namely, the maid in XY. Unfortunately, she's only available to talk to once a day, and you need to talk to her 3 times. What I'm asking, is if I change the date on my 3DS, will the maid be time locked or not?

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For future reference, you should ask different questions in separate posts.
Sorry about that. I actually looked up the sub question, I know it now.
Also, just in general, should I try to evolve them into their forms as soon as possible, or after a while(in case Eevee moves are good to have on the other evolutions.

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Well, yes, but you'll have to change the date to the day before the day you want, because of how the ds clock works. If you change the date on your 3ds, you are unfortunately locked out of time based events for 24 hours. So, if the Maid comes on a Wednesday, you have to change the date to Tuesday, wait 24 hours, and then the woman will be there. Rinse and repeat.

By the way, you can find Eevee in yellow flowers in the route above Cyllage City really easily.

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Thanks, though I already have all the Eeveelutions on my ORAS game, so this was a little late. It can still help others though, so great.
Well,why did you ask the question then
Because when I asked it, I hadn't done that. I didn't realize how easy it was to get them in other ways.
Oh  ok