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I am looking for a good Wish maker for my Unova team, and since Mawile is going to be my Mega Evolution, I need a Pokemon, that is not a Fairy type, make my wishes. My best bet is Vaporeon, so I was surprised when, looking up he information, that all the potential parents Eevee could learn from had to learn it themselves? Is this something I have to do? Take a Pokemon like Fennekin, and have it learn wish, just to breed it onto my Eevee? Thanks to anyone who can help.


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It is true that all Pokemon that can be used to breed Wish onto Eevee need to learn it from breeding something else, which take a lot of needless time. Luckily for us, Eevee is in the Field Egg Group, along with Smeargle. As Smeargle can learn any move with Sketch, you can learn a male Smeargle Wish and then breed it with a Eevee(lution) to get a Wish Eevee with minimal effort.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/eevee/egg#move-wish

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i could probably save you some time, i think i have some extra 5 ev eevee's with wish from when i bred my eevee team, but i'll have to check.  i'll check this tonight and could probably trade tomorrow if i have one
checked and i do have at least one
It's fine, really I appreciate the help. I managed to breed a Eevee with no problems whatsoever. Now, I'm only waiting for a female to hatch with at least 5 IVs.